Our Services

Our Services

The Hub CIC is a dementia-inclusive organisation that fosters a warm and community-centric environment, located in the heart of Leigh.


Our dedicated team have been with us since 2016 and provide valuable support to individuals aged 50 and above who are living with dementia or require assistance with everyday life skills.


Our facility is designed to ensure safety and comfort, featuring a single-story building nestled within Little Rainbows 2 Nursery.
We believe that dementia and its related challenges do not solely affect older individuals. Instead, we strive to move away from outdated notions of traditional day services and create a vibrant and inclusive hub that appeals to people of all ages and diverse personalities.

As an organisation that prides itself on an enticing food menu that goes beyond mere sustenance. Our primary goal is to offer a well-balanced diet that not only promotes good health and well-being but also encourages engagement and evokes cherished memories.

We believe that mealtimes should be an interactive experience for our customers, allowing them to participate as much or as little as they desire. Whether it’s collaborating in the planning and preparation process or simply selecting the background music, we strive to make every mealtime special.